Hybrid Platform Lift

Al 600 – Hybrid Platform Lift

Al 600 - Hybrid Platform Lift 

Al 600 – Hybrid Platform Lift

The ultimate inside platform lift

This hybrid powerhouse features sliding aluminum rails for smooth performance and increased load capacity. And despite its compact stowed dimensions, the lift features a 36″ vertical travel from the cargo area to the ground and is remote control operated.

In many cases, it can be installed on existing vehicle hardware (for the third-row seating).

Designed for high-capacity, intelligent installation, and wide-ranging loading distances, the AL600 series is the premier choice for carrying a mobility device inside vans and SUVs.


  • Carries virtually all standard power chairs and scooters
  • Allows continued use of second row seating; no drilling required in most vehicles
  • Remote hand control


  • Lifting Capacity
    350 lb
  • Platform Size
    •28.5″ x 38″ (standard)
    • 28.5″ x 45″ (with 7″ wheel cradle)
  • Headroom Required
  • Depth Required
  • Vertical Reach
  • Included
    • 4 cam buckles
  • Available Options
    • Battery pack
    • 4 self-tensioning Q-Straint retractors
    • Hold-down arm
    • Puddle lights
    • Wheel cradle
    • Wireless key fob
  • Warranty
    3-Year Transferable
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