When a consumer needs to purchase a stairlift there is a lot more cost to this purchase than just the product and installation price. Almost all stairlifts run on rack and pinion which is metal on metal grinding which means the racking has to be lubricated with white lithium grease to run smoothly up and down the track. After the grease is applied the stairlift will attract dirt and debris and pet hair. This is why your stairlift needs maintenance every year to run properly. Most companies will maintain the stairlift for about $300-$600 per year. What??!!

So, let’s say you purchased a stairlift for around $3500-$4000 and need maintenance every year. You are really looking at $5000-$7000 over a 5 year period plus the cost to change the batteries at $250 more. So be careful. The salesman won’t mention the maintenance costs until after the lift is installed.


Central Florida Stairlift sells, installs and services a NO MAINTENANCE Stairlift! When your lift is installed, all you need to worry about is changing the batteries every 3-5 years and we offer a 3 YEAR FREE PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY!

These stairlifts are made in the USA and we have them in stock for immediate installation.

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